Oh, The Places You’ll Go

My current home is back in Chicago, IL. It was a whirlwind eighteen months living all over the world throughout 2016 & 2017, but there have been a few upsides to being back home. There is always more to discover in Chicago and I have plenty of trips to look forward to this year.

Someone once wrote that in between the lives we lead and the lives we fantasize about living is the place in our heads where most of us actually live.

– Kim Gordon, Girl in a Band

2016 – Sukhothai, Thailand (with a few months of backpacking thrown in throughout Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia & Malaysia)

2017 – Valledupar, Cambodia (with travel throughout Bogota, Santa Marta & Cartagena)

2018 – Chicago, Illinois (with trips to San Francisco, California, Nashville, Tennesee & more to come)


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