How I Feel About My Books

How to Get Rid of Books – The Awl

I have recently subscribed to the LitHub newsletter and came across this article (above) from The Awl. Sidenote, does anyone else read The Awl? I am not even sure what this website is, but I definitely find it entertaining.the-life-changing-art-of-tidying-up

Anyways, @nellberam amuses me and wrote an article about getting rid of books, because God knows we all have too many. The author breaks down their requirements for books they keep and books they are likely to toss out (see The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up). Now, my first note – this is not a concept I am familiar with at all. I keep every book and, to the-story-of-beautiful-girlgo even further, I am fiercely possessive even if I don’t really like them. I can actually tell you the one book I’ve given away in the past very, very long time (The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon – a glimpse into what I like, obviously not love stories and I do realize how heartless this makes me sound). I will pick up a book that catches my eye in a recycle bin or at a yard sale, even if I know I won’t be reading it anytime soon. I’m like those cat ladies who want to adopt all the strays, give me yo’ books!

She definitely makes a good point: if you do read a book and actively dislike it, lucky you, get rid of it, and you can feel okay about it because you’ve put the effort into reading it and realistically not everyone can like every book. There is one less book breaking your shelves, and maybe someone else can give it a home instead.

Now, while I say I want to adopt all the books, I really only bring home those that I think I will like, read, or value for some other reason (see my purchase of the 80s Rock & Roll cookbook at the used shop because I thought it would fit right next to my Steven Tylerthrowing-away-books-meme autobiography). I don’t have too many books that haven’t spoken to me at some point in time on my shelves.

So Nell brings the article to a close and all in all, the best part of the article is the conclusion. Seriously read it, it’s a truth any book lover knows to be real. And if you really are tossing books, call me, I bet I can get them off your hands.


How to Get Rid of Books – The Awl

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