Sweet Home Granville Ave.

I LOVE CHICAGO. Get used to that level of enthusiasm about anything I’m fond of ūüôā

I’m obviously partial, being that this is my hometown, but I’ll take any chance I get to brag about it. No matter where I travel, where I live, or how old I am, as long as someone is living on Granville Ave. then it will still be home.

Home_IMG_1942_FotorMy family has owned a two-flat on Granville for more years than I can even count – my gramma grew up here, my mom grew up here, I was born here, and I live here now. If you are a member of my¬†family and you haven’t lived here at some point, I’ll bet you’ve stayed here¬†at some point in your life’s journies. And if we have become friends at any point in the last 25 years, coming to the Granville¬†house for any sort of event was a right of passage in our friendship (surprise, if you didn’t know that!)

This house has been a home base for so many and you can feel it the moment you walk in the door. I use “home base” instead of home for a reason; home is wherever my family is and that could be any place on earth. This building just happens to be the brick and mortar that has held us together in one place for so long.

The Granville house and all those who it holds throughout the year is the thing I will miss most about Chicago.

Oh, it’s that and Lou’s pizza. I have a feeling any pizza in Thailand is just not going to taste the same.

Where we love is home Рhome that our feet may leave but not our hearts. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Later addition – 10/8/15:

This article popped up in one of the many daily newsletter things that come to my inbox each day and the title really caught my attention: Uninspired in Chicago. This is a very well written article that speaks to how I often feel and is more truthful than many Chicagoans are willing to be. Just remember, I do love it here. Thrillist РUninspired in Chicago

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