“If you can travel, leave.”

The flight has been booked, the announcement is official, and the countdown clock has started! I am moving to Thailand on December 25, 2015. What?! Yeah, that is the response I get from most.

But my thought: “why the hell not?”

I have been with the same company since graduation and just recently had my three year “I sit at a desk-iversary”. I’m grateful to have a job, but what I am doing now is not what I’m meant to be doing for the rest of my life and cube life is not for me. So instead of looking for a new job when I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to be doing, I decided I’d do something the planner in me never in a million years thought I’d do – buy a one way ticket half-way around the world and see what happens when I get there!

map-thailand_FotorWell, I actually have a decent idea of what is going to happen when I get there, I couldn’t go without a bit of a plan.

I will be getting my TEFL (Teach Englishing as a Foreign Language) certification through Greenheart Travelย in Hua Hin (left) during a month-long training program and then I will be placed in a Thai school to teach English, amount of time and location – TBD.

There are so many pieces of this decision that came together to work out perfectly, I couldn’t have asked for better luck. I couldn’t travel without the opportunity to continue earning a living (damn you student loans!) and I am still trying to figure out what I really do want to do in the future, with teaching as a strong contender. While I am well aware that teaching in Thailand is completely unlike teaching back in America, this is a “whole self” learning process and not solely about deciding if the classroom is the place for me.

And lastly, I really want to know if the moniker “the land of smiles” really fits, because if so – I have found the place for me. Smiling’s my favorite! Bonus points – name that movie! But I do really feel as though I have lost a bit of my smiling, optimistic, happy, helpful self after these three years in the corporate world and that’s not something I am okay with – it’s time to bring that back. I am a passionate person, not known for having a middle ground (pretty much everything is my “favorite”) and I want to wake up to something I am passionately excited about again.

It’s the culture, the incorporation of Buddhist beliefs into their daily lives, the chance to really impact a child, the food, the smiles, the beauty, the change of pace, the elephants, the new people from new places, the mindset of a traveler, the freedom, the chance to keep learning, the yoga on the beach, the lack of Chicago winters, the challenge, the fact I know I will have to overcome completely new obstacles, the positive energy I can put out into the world, the excitement. If that doesn’t sound like the best way to adventure, then I at least want to learn that lesson first hand.

Some days I think I must be crazy, most days I can’t wait to leave, but today I’m just worried about what shoes I should be packing.

4 thoughts on ““If you can travel, leave.”

  1. Erin – I could not be more excited for you! After graduation I seriously thought about doing just that in Spain but I got caught up in corporate ameeica and now with baby Finn, my chances of ever doing it are pretty much gone. I cannot wait to follow your journey and live vicariously through you. What an amazing life changing experience.

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    1. Thanks Alli!! You would have made a wonderful teacher, now you can focus all of that energy on baby Finn! He is a lucky kid ๐Ÿ™‚ I am super excited and I can’t wait to keep writing and sharing for others who can’t do the same, or just need a little inspiration! Thanks for following along Al, I appreciate your support!

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  2. Your thoughts exude much of the same sentiment and desire that led to my decision to move to Thailand. My job had lost its meaning and that sense of wonderment gained from new experiences had been lost as I found myself sinking into a routine. After 5 months of living and teaching in this country I can say that it will definitely allow you the chance to create a brand new experience. Things will challenge and frustrate you as you learn to adapt but the curiosity that it brings is so refreshing. You will love your time here.

    If you have any specific questions about what it’s like to teach here don’t hesitate to send them along my way. I’d be happy to answer if I can.

    Best of luck in your journey and I look forward to reading about it as you experience it.

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    1. Thank you so much for offering your support! I am excited to keep sharing and hopefully motivating others who may need just a little push to get started on their adventure as well!
      I love hearing from people who have already faced the adjustment challenge and felt it made the whole experience worth it. That definitely calms my nerves! Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

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